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Other land discrete event job status change issues, compensation Players

It’s no secret that there are other land there are some startup problems. Problems players reported to be stuck...

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Genesis Network celebrates 18th anniversary

The type defines the fantasy MMORPG Ultima Online is celebrating its 18th birthday this weekend. Originally released...

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Neverwinter: Elemental Evil can now XBOX ONE

She watched the highly trained birds for a while, thinking about everything she had read. There was something here,...

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NOSGOTH push league BACK TO December

So, on the day she was released from isolation, she found herself drawn to the deepest corners of the Great Archive of...

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Early access I participate in the upcoming tanktical MMO game armored warfare (AW)

AW developers, obsidian, smart method to create a better version of world of tanks (WOT). In particular, AW is focused...

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Goat Simulator out on PS3 & PS4!

Goat Simulator has finally been released on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4! Now everyone with a PS3 or PS4 can enjoy...

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